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Please read all information below before you begin the registration process.


Public Housing is assistance in properties owned by the Housing Authority. Public housing rental units for families, seniors and individuals with disabilities are located throughout the City and County. If you select public housing, you will be offered a specific housing unit. Public Housing assistance cannot be used at private rental units.

Housing Choice Vouchers include tenant based vouchers and property based vouchers. Property based vouchers require you to live in the property that has the voucher for one year. Tenant based vouchers may be used in private rental units of your choice provided it meets program requirements and the owner accepts the voucher.

You can register for any or all programs but complete the registration process ONLY ONE TIME. If you are unable to check a waiting list for a program or property, it is because that waiting list is temporarily closed.

You may complete an on-line registration form at any time. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation number acknowledging successful transmission of your information. However, by submitting this registration information, you are not guaranteed housing assistance.

Before you begin the registration process, you will need your social security number and the names, date of birth and income information for all family members. Enter all information carefully and check to make sure it is correct before you complete the application.

If you are disabled or have special needs, you may receive assistance completing this on-line registration at TGHA’s Resident Services office at 430 Perry Avenue, Greenville, SC.

MAINTAINING YOUR STATUS ON THE WAITING LIST: It is your responsibility to assure that all information remains current. When your on-line registration transfers to the waiting list and comes to the top of the list, you will be notified by electronic (e-mail) or regular mail. If we are unable to contact you because the e-mail address is no longer valid or a letter is returned as undeliverable, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

You are required to update any changes in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address income and family size. Changes must be completed in writing by using the “Application Change Form” on the Housing Authority’s website at www.tgha.net

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for housing assistance applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • Qualify as an individual or a family as defined by TGHA.
  • Head of household must be at least 18 years of age or an emancipated minor under state law.
  • Have an annual income at the time of eligibility that does not exceed the applicable income limits established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • All adult members of the household must pass a criminal background check.
  • All household members must meet HUD requirements on citizenship or immigration status.
  • The family has not been terminated within the past five years from housing assistance programs due to violation of family obligations under the voucher or a public housing lease agreement.

The Greenville Housing Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, marital status, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, ancestry or sexual orientation in the access to, admission into, or employment in housing programs or activities.


You may select any housing assistance program below for which your household qualifies. When you select public housing or mixed finance properties, you will get a dropdown of property names and addresses. You can select as many properties as you choose.

If the program or property listed is “red” and you cannot enter a check in the box, it means that we are not currently accepting registrations for that property. If you select a property but later refuse to accept an offer of a housing unit at that property, you will be removed from the waiting list, so please check ONLY the properties where you are willing to live.

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